Get crafty with VELCRO® Brand Lollipop Stick Art Projects

Searching for new ways to make learning fun for your little ones?

Look no further than the simple VELCRO® Brand lollipop stick art project. This resourceful activity is a simple way to keep the kids engaged while encouraging creativity, learning and imagination! 

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Homemade paintbrushes

Looking to inspire more creativity in your little ones? Try making your own paintbrushes and allow them to explore a variety of textures and effects that will make their art even more unique! 

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It’s Time to Get Organised with VELCRO® Brand

There’s nothing like a new year to put a little spring in your step and encourage you to do a little reorganisation around the house. The run up to Christmas can leave the place a little unkempt, to say the least, so it’s time to regain a little order.

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The Best of #EVERYDAYFIX 2016

All year, we reach out to those who know VELCRO® Brand the best and ask you to tell us your most inventive and creative uses of our products. The replies we get never cease to amaze us and every month we select one community member to receive a crafty voucher to say thank you for sharing their ideas with us.

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Craft Your Own Advent Calendar With VELCRO® Brand

Say hello to your new Christmas Tradition! This beautiful Advent Calendar is hand-sewn in felt and is something you and your family will want to bring out year after year. Thanks to the flexibility of the VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics you can create a different festive scene each season.

There are download templates for all the characters and step by step instructions for you to follow.

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Halloween Trick or Treat Game

This bright and colourful game is a real treat (or trick) for kids Halloween parties. The rules are super simple – each player takes it in turns to pull a Halloween character off the game board to reveal if they’ve won a Trick or a Treat…whatever the trick or treat is we shall leave up to you! 

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VELCRO® brand for adhesive backed fasteners

Goodbye glue. Sayonara nails. Laters DIY! We’re firm believers in finding the quickest and easiest way to do things – life’s too short, right? Which is why we’d like to introduce our fab little adhesive backed fasteners into your lives – the perfect answer to all your DIY stresses & strains!

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The Everyday Fix #2

You know us; we’re obsessed with making life run smoothly for you. Not to mention crazy about getting crafty as often as possible!

We’re always so impressed with the super clever ways you use our products to improve the everyday, which is why we reward the creativity of our fans on Facebook with The Everyday Fix.

If a VELCRO® Brand product has ever got you out of a sticky situation (pun definitely intended), share your clever tips to our Facebook page and you could win a £20 Hobbycraft gift card. 

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Fun & Games in the Classroom

Personally, we think every use of VELCRO® Brand is fun and games. But apparently children don’t seem too entertained by making their own cushion covers or sprucing up the garden – can you imagine! It makes no sense to us either… 

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World Teacher’s Day

No one ever forgets their favourite teacher. That special person who taught you something you’ll never forget, or helped you discover a talent you never knew you had. Teachers touch all of our lives, which is why we think it’s so important to give them the praise they deserve. 

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