After the summer break, September can feel like a stressful time! Between organising the packed lunches to making sure the new year’s school uniform is in check, the schedule suddenly gets very busy! But don’t fear, VELCRO® Brand is here to help you stay organised - your emergency fix in every situation.


Remember all those toys, games and crafts that helped the kids beat the boredom over the holidays? Here’s an ingenious way to store them away and keep the living room spick and span.


diy toy storage


You can re-create this in just four easy steps!


  1. Use plastic boxes to tidy each of the kids toys away, from trains to cars to dolls, we’re sure they’ll be stacked high!
  2.  Tidy the boxes away in a shelving unit, where the front of the boxes can be viewed.
  3. Label the front so you never lose a thing! Take a piece of card for the backing and cut it into shape. Now, clearly write what’s in the box on the card so it can be read at a glance.
  4. Secure the card to the box using VELCRO® Brand Super Slim Stick On.


diy toy storagediy toy storage


And voila! A super organised storage system to tidy away all those toys and games, leaving room for you to get into the back-to-school routine, clutter free.


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