Growing your own vegetable garden means tastier food, saving money and gaining a sense of achievement. If you’re not sure where to starts we’ve come up with a handy beginner’s guide.

Find a sunny spot

Pick the space that gets the sun for the longest in your garden, your veggies will appreciate it! Sunshine means sturdy, disease-resistant and flavoursome plants. Your vegetables will need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day and the more sunlight they receive the greater the taste.


Pick the perfect soil

Start with soft, loamy soil so your plants’ roots can infiltrate the ground easily. It’s a good idea to enrich the soil with compost to provide the necessary nutrients.


Banish the weeds

A weed-free plot is vital to a successful vegetable garden. The non-chemical method is simply pulling out those pesky weeds and their roots as you dig. Without de-weeding, you risk vegetables being overwhelmed with weeds.


Spacing is key

Space your seeds reasonably, considering larger plants, like tall tomatoes, which could overshadow smaller plants. If they’re set too close together they’ll start competing for sunlight, water, and nutrition and growth will be halted. Spacing guidance is often provided on seed packets and plant tabs.

planting seeds

Once your veggies start to sprout VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties can provide support for your plants that might have trouble staying upright on their own. Not only is the super soft fabric gentle on stems, but our clever hook and loop system means you can easily re-wrap the tie as your plants germinate.


What to plant

Buy high-quality seeds. Seed packets are less expensive than individual plants but if seeds don’t sprout, your money—and time—are wasted. Why not start by planting these easy to grow vegetable seeds:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Salad leaves
  • Runner beans

 VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties

Keep everything neat and tidy

Now you’ve caught the green-fingered bug, you’ll find the shed soon starts to fill up with your gardening equipment. Our reusable and weatherproof VELCRO Brand® ONE-WRAP® Garden Ties keep act as a much needed helping hand when it comes to organising your tools. Use these ties them to keep your hose securely wrapped or the cables on your tools tangle free.


Now all that left to do is sit back, admire your handiwork and watch those veggies grow!