As the saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place! Why not apply this logic to your bathroom as well? Rummaging around for a hair tie, cotton bud or bobby pin is the last thing you want to do in the mornings and keeping the sink area clutter free is a bonus. Try this space saving Life Hack that can be done in minutes to transform your bathroom storage.

What you’ll need:

Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Find some lightweight, screw top tins (ideally with a clear lid so you can see what’s inside). You can find these or similar storage containers at your local Home & Kitchen shop.
  2. Find a smooth surface attaching your tins. The inside of your bathroom cupboard could be perfect and ensures everything is kept out of sight and tidy.

  3. Clean and dry the back of the tins and the bathroom cupboard door to prepare the surfaces for the VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

  4. Take your VELCRO® Brand Stick On Squares. These are self adhesive and very easy to use. All you need to do is peel off the protective tape from the back of the ‘loop’ side of your fastener and adhere to the back of your tin. Now do the same with your corresponding ‘loop’ fastener and affix to the inside of your cupboard.

•	VELCRO® Brand Stick On Squares

     5. Fill your tins with your daily essentials like cotton buds/wool or hair ties and grips before sticking your tins to the inside of the cupboard

 •	VELCRO® Brand Stick On Squares

Bathroom organisation

 So there you have it, a neat way to increase your bathroom storage in just a few minutes.

There’s a million ways to use these fasteners around the house for your next DIY or Life Hack project. Plus don’t forget, our VELCRO® Brand Stick On products come in various shapes including squares, coins or tape, which you can cut to size, and are also available in both black and white. Find our more here.