Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

This bright and colourful game is a real treat (or trick) for kids Halloween parties. The rules are super simple – each player takes it in turns to pull a Halloween character off the game board to reveal if they’ve won a Trick or a Treat…whatever the trick or treat is we shall leave up to you!

halloween game


The game is made using different coloured papers cut and stuck together, accompanying these instructions are coloured versions of each character as well as the templates – so if you don’t have time to get super creative you can simply print the coloured versions out onto thin card and away you go!  Plus, the black and white out line templates are perfect for children to colour in so you could always use them as the game pieces.

To make the coloured card version like in the pictures you will need:

  • VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins 16mm white (1 hook and loop coins set per template)
  • Various colours of thin card
  • Scissors or craft knife with a cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Sheet of thick card – roughly A2 in size
  • Optional – An old picture frame (if you do use a picture frame then make sure your thick card fits in it) 
  • A set of templates which you can download here

1. Print out the character templates. Take one of the characters and cut out all the template pieces. Draw around the templates on to the relevant colours of card and then cut out.

trick or treak game

trick or treat cut outs

2. Glue the character together.

Halloween cut out game

3. Repeat with all the other characters. Cut out the stars and the letters from different coloured papers too.

 halloween cut outs

4. Cut out the Trick or Treat backgrounds – you should have one trick or treat outline per character.

trick or treat halloween game

5. On the large piece of card arrange the characters and the title. Glue the letters in place.

halloween games

6. Next take the corresponding background piece and glue each one to the large piece of card underneath where the coloured character is going to go.

halloween game trick or treak

7. For each character and outline take one set of VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins (one hook and one loop.

halloween crafts

8. Place the pair together and then stick onto the outline piece

halloween trick or treat crafts

9. Carefully line up the coloured character with its white partner so all the white is hidden, press the character down firmly onto the VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coin.

trick or treat crafts


10. Repeat with each character. Then frame the game and hang on the wall or if you are not using a frame stick to the wall. 


11. Challenge any one who dares to play the game!




trick or treat craft 

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